Start Time: once payment is made it takes about 1-4 days to get your playlist adds.
Campaign Duration: Your song will stay on the playlists for a full 30 days. If you choose the 1 Million Follower reach campaign and above, your song will get 60 days worth of playlist adds.


150K Reach: $450

200K Reach:$699

300K Reach: $899

500K Reach: $1749

700K Reach: $2299

1 Million Reach: $3499

Spotify Streaming


  • We get your Song added to Real & Trusted Playlists that we’ve worked with for many years to grow your streams & Fans Organically. The song will stay on the playlist for a full 30 days, getting you seen by Hundreds of thousands of People.

    We do custom Targeting for each song and get your Music added to the Playlist that perfectly matches your Genre whether it’s a Pop, HipHop, RnB, Rock, Country, etc. We've worked with all major genres of Music.

    The most powerful thing about Spotify is that you get Paid Royalties every time someone listens to your Song! 

    If you have any questions reach out to us directly: